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It warms my heart.

Let’s see, where to begin… Let’s start in December of 2006.  I drove up to Seattle to take my very first crack at the JLPT, and while I was there I met up with a friend and went to the … Continue reading

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More on Jeanne

To quote myself from a few days ago, on the topic of Jeanne D’arc: “Those minor things aside, serious thumbs up. It’s challenging, it’s satisfying, and – tragic lack of catgirls aside – it’s awfully pretty.” Well, how was I … Continue reading

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More Cat Ear Girl

This post gets quite a few hits, and I’m not above pandering to my audience, so when I was looking for a new desktop background and found that I had another “wallpaper, slightly naughty” from the same artist, I thought … Continue reading

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I do not often post wallpaper

…and, in fact, there’s nothing particularly special about this one, it’s just another cute girl-with-nekomimi wallpaper. If you are looking for more, may I kindly direct you to 4chan? But, I saw the phrase “cat ear girl she is draw … Continue reading

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Akihabara – One Last Time

I’m in that “I’m packed up and don’t want to try to squeeze anything more in” state of things, so I really didn’t need to go back to Akihabara. In truth, I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had a directive … Continue reading

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What a way to wake up…

Waking up in a strange bed is a pretty unsettling moment. Waking up in a strange bed in Tokyo when you’re not expecting it is really quite terrifying. My morning started like that, with a bit of sheer “where the … Continue reading

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Cute Tanuki Girls… That’s different.

I’m quite the fan of mahjong games, or at least the sorts of mahjong games you get on consoles, which are generally two-player versions of mahjong where you get to play against cute anime-style girls in skimpy outfits. Not really … Continue reading

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I got caught.

Seems Yuno’s been reading the blog. 😦 Brave Story remains quite enjoyable.  It’s just gotten to the “OK! You can go anywhere in the world now, and there are all these little side quests and optional bosses to fight!” stage, … Continue reading

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Speaking of pandering…

I think I’ve made my position very clear on just how I feel about being pandered to:  I’m in favor of it. From the searches that bring people to this site – I’m not alone here.  People come here looking … Continue reading

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Actually having shame.

Sunday, an old friend came up to town in order to go to our local comic book show. This apparently happens twice a year or so and attracts the few local comics professionals, and he wanted to get some things … Continue reading

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