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Thanks for 200K Hits

I just noticed that the site passed the 200K visit marker earlier this week.  That’s a lot of people who have taken a couple of minutes out of their lives to read something I’ve written, and that’s kind of neat. … Continue reading

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A Catgirl Saved Is A Catgirl Earned

I really didn’t want to download Save Toshi, because it looked like a game designed specifically to cash in on people in their Oh My God Japan Is So Cool And Everything About Japan Is Just So Awesome phase. I … Continue reading

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Experiments in TERA

Way back in “The Day”, I played Everquest over Ultima Online because, well, Ultima Online had full-on PvP combat, which scared the hell out of me, on all its servers, whereas Everquest only allowed PvP on one (later, four) of … Continue reading

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Tera updates.

My latest MMO addiction continues to consume a surprising amount of my evenings, though I have found a way to get at least some of my time back. Simply put, I park my adorable butt in town, put myself into … Continue reading

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Witch Touching

After recent trysts with the Tower Defense genre, I think I’ve actually gotten to the point where I can consider myself a fan.  It’s a genre that can be very formulaic at times, but I believe the similarities between tower … Continue reading

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