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The 3DS Mii Plaza “Line” feature is needlessly complicated

My favorite feature of both recent portable systems has been their weird little community systems.  Sadly, the Vita’s “Near” never really took off, but Streetpass seemed to do pretty well – at least, once Nintendo added Streetpass Relay stations to … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Reference

So, continuing with the Macross 30th Anniversary game, I’m on Chapter 4 (of 9) now and the whole thing is a massive helping of the best kind of fan-service. I now understand how all of the assorted divas of the … Continue reading

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Milestones, Visualized:

This rather horrifying clutter of wire shelving, displays, and systems: Into this: Next up (after finishing Macross) is to move the WiiU into the space where the PS3 currently is on the middle shelf here, then get busy on the … Continue reading

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Another town, and one more show

So, I’ve been knocking out the last bits of the PS3 backlog this month.  That’s two games played to completion (Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and Into the Nexus), four games dropped from the backlog for various … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Origins, My Thoughts:

I had this long thing written up where I talked about the minutiae of the game’s various systems and how they blurred the line between MMO-style systems and single-player games, and then I decided to throw it all out and … Continue reading

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It’s 2017, and I’m finally done with UMDs.

I’d like to say “Done with PSP games”, but I still have four PSP games in the backlog.  They’re all PSN download versions, though, so I get to pack away both my Ceramic White PSP-1000 and my Lilac PSP-3000 and … Continue reading

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Dead or Alive DLC is needlessly complicated

Though I don’t often write about it, the Dead or Alive series of fighting games remains my favorite beat-em-up and Barbie-simulator series – and, given that I am rubbish at the actual fighting part of the game, the part where … Continue reading

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