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Onwards to 101

Knocking out Metroid: Other M and Cursed Mountain got my Wii backlog under double digits, so – on a reader recommendation – I decided to pull Pandora’s Tower off the shelf to keep pushing that number down. It’s a fantasy-setting … Continue reading

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2017 Backlog Milestones: 100 Down

I wrapped up Cursed Mountain this weekend, and I’m happy to report that the initial very positive impressions I had of it continued all the way to the end. It’s hard not to compare it to the Fatal Frame series, … Continue reading

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Quick Other M thoughts. 

Edit: Revised to add some thoughts after finishing, didn’t feel like a whole new post. I was very close to dropping Other M a couple of nights ago. There were just so many stretches of boring hallway, and the jump … Continue reading

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(Might as well) Jump!

Quickie post tonight. Still chugging through Cursed Mountain and Metroid: Other M as my at-home games, with IA/VT Colorful on Vita in my portable slot for lunch breaks and the like. IA/ VT is pretty brilliant, as an aside. It’s … Continue reading

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Breaking out the Wiimotes

So, the Switch seems to be doing well at getting Japanese publisher support and I’ll probably wind up owning one in the next few months – especially with Tecmo slipping Fatal Frame references into Nights of Azure 2.  But. I … Continue reading

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Call of Damsels: Waifu Wars II

Sorry, wrong header. OK, that’s better. Valkyria Chronicles is a really good object lesson in why I shouldn’t pay full price for games before I’m actually in the mood to play them.  My sole justification is that I got conditioned, … Continue reading

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I have kitty cat paw print analog stick covers on my Vitas.

Just look at these things.  They’re glorious.   Also, considering how slippery the Vita’s analog sticks are, they’re way more practical than they have any right to be.  I wish I’d gotten these a few years back. Low effort post … Continue reading

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