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No Unicorns Whatsoever

So, if past years are anything to go by, there’s a Steam Summer Sale coming soon, and if you like cheap games, it’s like a little Christmas in June. It’s also a reason to pause and reflect on the games … Continue reading

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Being Employed Actually Kind of Rocks

So, I graduated about three months ago, and my bosses at the university were kind enough to let me hold on to my student job through the end of Spring term, but it was a job with an expiration date … Continue reading

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Speaking of Unicorns…

My excursion into casual gaming is in no way an indication of any sort of unicorn fixation.  It’s a curious coincidence and nothing more. I do not have a unicorn problem. Let’s proceed, shall we? Popcap’s “Peggle” franchise was, before … Continue reading

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Brush brush brush brush

  So I noticed something very odd when I booted my Windows box yesterday, specifically something very odd on my Steam friends list. I had two friends on and actively in-game, and both of them were playing something called Secret … Continue reading

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Thinking with Portals

It is terribly tempting to continue talking about games that have few redeeming qualities other than cute girls with glasses, but I do occasionally break out of my rut and play something that, well, you could have out on the … Continue reading

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Shoot it in the head, and other advice from Otomedius

It’s been nearly three years since I stumbled across an Otomedius machine in an Akihabara arcade, two and a half years since it got a home release, 15 months since it got a budget price re-release, 10 months since I … Continue reading

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Country Roads, take me Homefront.

A couple of months ago, I bought THQ’s Red-Dawn-inspired shooter, Homefront, played it for a little over two hours, put it down in disgust and immediately got sucked into Rift. Last night, I decided that I would pick it back … Continue reading

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Breaking my own rules

I have a pretty hard and fast rule when it comes to MMORPGs; I don’t do trade skills. Trade skills – or professions, or crafts, or whatever the synonym is for a particular MMO – are often touted as an … Continue reading

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