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Lightly ironic

So, after class today, I went through the Burgerville drive-through. Burgerville, for those of you unfortunate enough not to live between Tacoma and Albany on the Interstate 5 corridor in the Pacific Northwest, is a local burger chain.  They’re really … Continue reading

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AD Police: Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

Spoilers follow for the first episode of the 1999 AD Police series – some might say that nine years later is well past the point where one really has to give warning, but I figure that it’s only polite to … Continue reading

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Control Issues

As previously mentioned, I tried Resistance: Fall Of Man recently and quite liked it. I was getting really fed up about the controls, though, particularly the commands assigned to the L1/L2/R1/R2 buttons, until I realized that I may have, for … Continue reading

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Resisting Falling Mans

…something like that. Our PS3 gets frequent use as a Blu-Ray player, but doesn’t get a whole lot of use as a game console, mostly because the games are still so expensive.  There are an awful lot of really decent … Continue reading

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In Which, I Rant About Sequels

So, I have a good friend who occasionally comes over for a day of couch-potatoing.  It’s good in several ways, especially because it helps me cope with the schedule of full-time-work and full-time-school that I’ve saddled myself with, by blowing … Continue reading

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Monday Meganekko

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything to make my wife roll her eyes at me. Here, have a Yomiko Readman wallpaper: That should do the trick.

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Cautionary signs, effective:

This is a “DANGER” sign that we saw on the front of a snow blower in Skagway, Alaska.  Note the cute little body parts flying out the back of the snow blower as the cute little guy gets sucked into … Continue reading

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I don’t actually think that’s a real word. Anyway, I booted up the 360 this morning to see what the “New Xbox Experience” was all about, and managed to be the first person on my friends list* to whip up … Continue reading

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Killer 7 : Final thoughts

There’s a particular Japanese ghost story that I see repeated quite often, with some variation – that, not knowing the official name, I think of as the “extra person” story.  If you’ve ever seen They Were Eleven, you have the … Continue reading

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More Killer 7

Just for the record, when I was making fun of adventure games in my earlier post on Killer 7, I did not know that I would, at a point approximately halfway through the game, actually have to look around for … Continue reading

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