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I know your feels, bro

So, there’s a German word, fremdsch√§men, which refers to the sensation of sympathetic embarrassment. I have a bad case of it, and it makes watching movies or TV in which I’m supposed to laugh at someone else’s discomfort really uncomfortable … Continue reading

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The Little Cute-Em-Up That Couldn’t

After Gal*Gun, I thought I’d try another game from the same developer, so I booted up “Soreyuke! Burunyanman Portable,” a game with a somewhat confused pedigree.¬† It’s an all-ages PSP version of a PC spin-off of a mini-game from an … Continue reading

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Pretty bold, aren’t we? I’ll take care of you myself!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. So, there’s an angel – a cupid, specifically – who has only one task between her and graduating from Angel School. She has to find an unpopular guy, put an Arrow of … Continue reading

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At Least SOME Companies Can Count to 3

It’s been a slack month for posts. Mostly, of course, that’s because the majority of what I put up here is me talking about games I’ve been playing lately, and most of the games I have been playing through have … Continue reading

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