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The perils of importing media

One of the things about being a bit of a geek from an early age is that you’re exposed to the notion that other countries have things that are cooler than you can get at home.  When I was a … Continue reading

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AVI project continued

It’s only been a few days since I got the mad idea to wage war on the AVI format by converting every such file on my server to nice AppleTV-friendly .m4vs and then importing them into iTunes to add art … Continue reading

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Speaking of F2P

It’s not exactly news by now, but Sony is in the process of moving its current flagship fantasy MMO, Everquest 2, from its strictly pay-to-play (with a side server on f2p) status to a fully f2p game, allowing the Unwashed … Continue reading

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I don’t consider myself a movie snob…

…but even having said that, there was a distinct problem with the “Classic Movies” category available on my recent United flight back from overseas: I’m going to rank this somewhere between “faith in humanity failing” and “well, civilization has had … Continue reading

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London, the good and bad bits

This blog has been a bit anglo-centric of late and I’m not making apologies for that; my wife and I spent a very enjoyable two weeks in the UK and it was a trip that consumed a lot of our … Continue reading

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On Error Messages…

My war on AVI is going astonishingly well, thanks to a piece of software called ffmpeg and a few minutes spend writing batch files. ffmpeg is a tool that I’m scarcely scratching the surface of what I COULD do with … Continue reading

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The wangs of London

I do apologize in advance; this is the sort of childish humor I don’t normally like to lower myself to but it made me giggle like, well, a child seeing something a little naughty when I saw it and I … Continue reading

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…and a little nod to British sci-fi

  Many years ago, when I was a small child, I remember watching and enjoying episodes of Dr. Who on PBS.  This was episodes from the Tom Baker years, with the improbable scarf and the robot dog and sets made … Continue reading

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You’re Scottish. Fry something.

I recently returned from two weeks in the United Kingdom, split between a week in London and a week in Scotland. It didn’t afford the same opportunities to make fun of the local cuisine as does a trip to, say, … Continue reading

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Once more into the F2P world.

A few months back, I tried my hand at a free-to-play MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online. By level 3, I’d been in some dungeons, and I’d seen a dragon, so really it lived up to the name.  I am given … Continue reading

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