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We are moved.

It took 2, 10-foot U-haul trucks, 1, 14-foot U-haul, and an awful lot of back and forth in our Mazda3, but our stuff is where it needs to be. Next time – more purging, less moving. Honest.

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Well, that wasn’t so bad

OK, so, my Japanese placement test went extremely well; I was worried about being allowed into JPN301 in the Fall, and the person who did my interview not only approved me for that, she suggested that it might be too … Continue reading

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I watch bad movies (So you don’t have to)

Well, I’m about one truckload away from being completely moved to the town where I’ll be spending the next two years, and after a bit over a week with no internet connection I’m back on line.  Life is good. I … Continue reading

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I are graduated

Three years of night & weekend courses under my belt, I’m now the proud holder of an associate’s degree. Well, the proud holder of a diploma cover with a “We’ll mail you your degree in a few weeks if you … Continue reading

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Supernatural tunes

So, my wife and I have been watching Supernatural, a show which seems to have been designed solely to encourage the production of slash.  I can say with confidence that, right now, as you are reading this, thousands of fangirls … Continue reading

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Wow, I finished an RPG

I am quite the fan of console RPGs.  Of buying them, anyway.  I have boxes full of them, all patiently awaiting the day I decide to play them. The problem seems to be that, when I’m awash in the glow … Continue reading

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