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War for the Pocket.

I finished “Me & My Katamari” this evening.  This makes the second PSP game I’ve managed to play through from beginning to end… and I’ve had the system since August of 2006.  A quick look at the shelf tells me … Continue reading

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Polka Party!

A friend in Japan sent me a link to this, what he claims is the latest trend in Japanese doujin culture: Using the “Hatsune Miku” voice in a speech synthesis package called “Vocaloid”, fans are producing cover versions of popular … Continue reading

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JLPT Madness 2007

Well, I’m critically behind on my studying, and honestly I was thinking about wimping out this year, but – damn it – I’m going to do my best here. Signed up for the JLPT Level 3. It’s held December 2. … Continue reading

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A Halo 3 Public Service Announcement

Spoiler-free Halo 3 ending information follows – and this will be my last Halo-related post for a while because I’m starting to feel quite the fanboy. When you finish the campaign mode and watch the ending cinematic and are staring … Continue reading

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Yay I can read the web again.

…or, to put it another way, I don’t have to worry about the gits that make it their mission to post Halo 3 ending spoilers. Fortunately, it’s not as easy to spoil as “Snape kills…”, so every time I’ve run … Continue reading

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Halo 3 Cat Helmet

In our test sample, 100% of cats we tried putting the replica Spartan helmet on gave us a rather put-upon look and patiently waited for the humans to take the helmet off them. Note: We didn’t try getting our sample … Continue reading

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No Preorder…

…no midnight launch madness, no trading of my first born, my soul, or my cats… …just a matter of walking in to Fred Meyer this morning and asking “Hey, do you guys have the new Halo?” And getting a response … Continue reading

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I got fan mail.

So, I’ve done a Japan trip two summers in a row now, and the first time I got a request passed to me from one of my wife’s co-workers. She wanted some Japanese Pokemon cards for her 5 year old … Continue reading

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I am good for the environment.

OK. I’m not GREAT for the environment, or even really that good, because all I really did was take something incredibly wasteful and make it slightly less so. A few years ago, I designated one PC as the “Media” PC, … Continue reading

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One downside to organization…

I recently hooked up my TurboDuo again. Because I’m organized, see, and I can make a space for more game consoles that I’ve been neglecting. This was a great system when it came out. It combined a TurboGrafx-16, the CD … Continue reading

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