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I didn’t know “Jak”

If you think back to the mid-90s console wars, you’ll remember that Sony found itself lacking in one department: They didn’t have a “mascot” character, the sort of character you can base toy lines and saturday morning cartoons and breakfast … Continue reading

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Done stabbing mans – also, I’m a pretty pretty princess.

Well, Assassin’s Creed decided to stop crashing halfway through levels, and decided instead to start crashing between levels, so I was able to finish it. I don’t know quite how to describe my feelings on this – on the one … Continue reading

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Stabbing mans

So. I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed, which is a game of three parts. You run around cities doing all kinds of cool semi-parkour style moves, you do some intelligence gathering on mans to stab, and then you stab the mans. … Continue reading

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I think I need one of those industrial-safety signs you see in factories, only mine would read: It has been 33 days since my last game purchase. I have finished 10 games since my last game purchase. Which I think … Continue reading

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In which, I pat myself on the back:

So, back in April or so, I found out from denpa no sekai that MOSAIC.WAV was releasing a new album, “Superluminal”. And this I consider good news, because – with the exception of Amusement Pack – I haven’t yet met … Continue reading

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And the award for…

…really minor supporting character who’s only mentioned in a couple of flashback sequences but then goes on to star in his own game and turns out to be way more likable than the main character of the game he appeared … Continue reading

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Powerslave perspectives

Finished Powerslave tonight, after about a week’s worth of playing, getting stuck, looking up FAQs and video playthroughs, abusing save states and generally doing my best to change the rules of the game to be in my favor without actually … Continue reading

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Random praise for Powerslave

Ok, so Powerslave is coming along nicely and I’m starting to feel pretty, what’s a good way to put this? Confident in my ability to turn random aggressive polygon monsters into low-resolution piles of pixelated goo. So it threw me … Continue reading

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Purging away…

As of two days ago, I had four bins of cables / computer parts, neatly labeled as “AV Cables”, “Pasocon Cables”, “Pasocon Parts” and “Mynock Chow”. Now I have two bins.  I condemned an awful lot of S-video cables, Cat-5 … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

I quite like Magic Knight Rayearth – the first TV series, that is; I haven’t seen the sequel or the OVA remake.  It’s got a hella catchy OP song, CLAMP art, Mokona, and one of the biggest I-Did-Not-See-That-Coming plot twists … Continue reading

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