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Where’s my check, Jobs?

OK, I hate writing this, because it makes me sound like a corporate shill, or worse, a member of the Cult of Steve, which – in either case – I think entitles me to a little cut of the Cupertino … Continue reading

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What the hell is “mofumofu”?

So, I was letting Google Image Search find me a new wallpaper – and, by the way, if you’re an anime fan, I strongly recommend typing “壁紙” into GIS and letting it fly, insasmuch as it’s Japanese for “wallpaper”  – … Continue reading

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I have no career in waste management

So, I had a friend come over yesterday for the sole purpose of wasting our entire evening away, controllers in hand. Usually this is when I pull out some FPS or another that is too hard for me in single … Continue reading

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More embarrassment

I told my wife this story with the caveat that I was telling her because I thought it was actually too embarrassing to share. Oh, well, it’s best if I get it off my chest. I’ve been inside my PC … Continue reading

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Geek Embarrassment

Note: Geek “Embarrassment”, as opposed to “Shame”, which I have in great quantities.  Or perhaps “Shamelessness” is closer to the truth there. Stick with this post. The embarrassment comes near the end. Despite my occasional dalliances with Apple-branded hardware, I … Continue reading

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They call me… Wayne.

I discovered today the single most frustrating thing about buying games from Steam. When you complete one, you can’t put the box on to the shelf with a satisfying thunk sound, reflect for a moment on your accomplishment, and take … Continue reading

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Geek happiness

One of the things coming out of preparing to move in July is a little bit of a technology refresh.  Knowing that I’m going to be pulling apart our network, AV setup, etc, and then putting it back together in … Continue reading

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More Game Shame

I spent part of last weekend finishing the recently-domestically-released Xbox 360 Oneechanbara game, which turned out to be exactly as advertised – you run around as a sword-wielding zombie hunter with a refreshingly relaxed attitude to her dress code, and … Continue reading

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A rare compliment

I have just finished X-Blades, a game which has been utterly savaged by the gaming press, and I have just finished it for the second time because I got the bad ending on the first go-around and decided to, rather … Continue reading

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That’s ONE way to go DRM-free

So, straight up here:  I have no gripes with Apple over their variable pricing scheme.  Granted, it seems like most everything you’d WANT to download is now $1.29 per song, but it’s not like the 30 cents is going to … Continue reading

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