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Dear Logan,

Finished up “X-Men Origins: Wolverine: The Video Game: The Uncaged Edition” on Saturday.  It was one of those games that starts off with a really tedious opening bit where you’re not sure why you’re playing it other than that you … Continue reading

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More Space Hunter Sandra

Nothing much to add to my previous comments about the game other than that I discovered that the rocket launcher is a gleefully satisfying way to make aliens go boom and I earned enough to buy the leopard print outfit … Continue reading

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Signs of Progress

For the last two or three years, I’ve been a little obsessed with the idea of mobility, the idea that my wife and I can simply pack up and move without too much trouble. We’re nowhere near that point.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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One Hour With X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I usually don’t take notes while I’m playing a game, because I’m usually trying to play the dang thing – I’m not a professional reviewer and this isn’t a review blog despite all evidence to the contrary. That being said, … Continue reading

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Venetica, eh.

  A couple of years ago, I saw a preview in Game Informer for an upcoming RPG called Venetica. It didn’t have a whole lot of information, just that it was a fantasy RPG set in Venice, which stood out … Continue reading

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So when you say you “Hunt Spaces”, you mean…?

I was going to lead this post off with silly remarks about how we have very few games about being a futuristic real estate agent trying to find apartments for let, after which I was going to feign ignorance about … Continue reading

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It’s been a couple of months since Gameloft’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic application was released, to much initial joy. It took the traditional “click things and then wait a long time” city building game, added just enough story … Continue reading

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