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I’m better at Wedding Anniversaries

…somehow I missed that this thing had actually passed its fourth anniversary back in March without me noticing. Whoops. Normally I’d say something like “in my defense, I was incredibly busy with school” or the like, but I was actually … Continue reading

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Be careful what you ask for.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m spending my days post-graduation but pre-real-job working as a help desk technician for the school, which means that I occasionally have to interact with students. Generally I am actually quite a nice person, but today … Continue reading

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Apparently, I’m a jerk

I don’t PvP. The thing that attracted me to the original Everquest – that attracted a lot of people, actually – was that it was, in comparison to it’s predecessors, a mostly PvE game, where your enemy was the environment … Continue reading

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There’s a (Home)front Coming…

It’s probably not fair to write a review of Homefront after only playing through three levels of it. There are, after all, seven levels and I’ve played plenty of games that didn’t really take off until fairly late in the … Continue reading

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My iPhone is tracking me (and it turns out I’m really boring)

So, there have been a couple of articles in the news today about how iOS devices constantly record your approximate location based on cell phone tower triangulation and how it’s stored in a file on your computer and how this … Continue reading

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Destroying Something Beautiful

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the things that get us through our lives.  Take television, for example – I don’t see television as anything all that amazing, though there must have been a time when television stations … Continue reading

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I beat EQ2

Technically, I didn’t beat EQ2.  It’s a MMORPG, after all, a genre that is by definition unbeatable.  I mean, pretty much every one of them has a Super Ultimate Boss Fight that can count as “beating” the game, but since … Continue reading

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This just screams “Screw you, righties”

Saw this on a desk at work and it made my mind boggle a bit.  I wonder if this is how left-handed people look at the world EVERY SINGLE DAY. OK, a little googling suggests that this isn’t actually a … Continue reading

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Not sure what’s more amazing here.

I was in a Goodwill the other day looking through their selection of PC software.  I’ve found some surprising gems this way, though it’s become less and less necessary with the advent of Anyway, I didn’t find any software.  … Continue reading

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I kinda want this bag

It’s not a purse, right?  Even though this person is carrying it as a purse?  It’s a bag, the sorts of which any man might be excused for wanting? Screw it.  Purse or no, it’s pretty keen.

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