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“E” for “Effort”

I haven’t played a mahjong game in a while, because proper mahjong games don’t get localized, I’ve played all the ones I already owned, and I hadn’t been to Japan to restock for a few years. So, I made sure … Continue reading

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Jumping Bayle

With the end of summer, the Everquest progression guild I’m a member of has revved back up and we’re currently beating our heads against the brick wall that is the “Underfoot” expansion, originally released back in December of 2009 and … Continue reading

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For sale: Crowbar, used only once.

While my wife and I are both pretty avid gamers, we don’t have a lot of similar tastes.  We can both get thoroughly hooked on MMOs for months at a time, but rarely the same ones – I go back … Continue reading

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ALL the tiles

Even though I dropped AT&T like a hot rock a few months ago, I still have a phone with AT&T baseband and am thus beholden to their rather pokey release schedule. So, while the rest of the world has been … Continue reading

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