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Random bits of swag from Japan

I have an Acer laptop – I bought it because it was a) really quite inexpensive, b) had a huge (17″) widescreen display and c) had a built-in numeric keypad. Last weekend we noticed that CompUSA had the newer model … Continue reading

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That there, that was some pretty good Dark.

I don’t know as I’d call it Perfect, but it was pretty good. One of the absolute worst “money spent” to “games completed” ratios I’ve ever had was buying a Nintendo 64. It did have some quality games – I … Continue reading

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Graphical overloads come in pairs.

I’ll preface this with: I am a cranky old bastard who doesn’t like the idea of buying games as download versions, because having physical media around makes me feel all secure and comfortable and safe and stuff. On the other … Continue reading

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This will be a day long remembered…

It has seen the end of vinyl, and it will soon see the end of the laserdiscs. Some background: A bit over a year ago, I finally copied the last of our records to MiniDisc and put the turntable into … Continue reading

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Osu! And a quandry

You remember, back in 1992, back when you’d played the first Sonic absolutely to death and you were waiting desperately for Sonic 2 to come out, and when it did you burned through it in no time at all and … Continue reading

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A three…hour…tour…

OK, no. It’s actually about 45 minutes, not three hours, by river boat from Asakusa from Odaiba, but what really counts isn’t how long it takes but how you’re getting there. This lovely thing is the Himiko, designed by Leiji … Continue reading

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Surviving Comiket Market / Comiket

If you are as crazy as I am, and for some reason you are a westerner who would like to go to Comic Market in Summer, I thought I would lay out a quick survival kit that you might consider … Continue reading

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A brief bit on taking a Cell Phone to Japan

As I mentioned a few months ago, I bought a Nokia 6630 because, among other things, it was a dual-mode phone that would work on Japanese cellular phone systems. At the time I was fairly dubious about this, but I … Continue reading

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9 hours to go…

Well, I’m packed up and ready to hit the road.  Time for a healthy five hours of sleep before getting up at 4 AM to get a cab to the airport.  I’m already looking forward to finding out what I’ve … Continue reading

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High Definition Sick Days.

Somehow I picked up a flu, and it’s had me out of work for two days. I actually managed to make it in yesterday, and lasted about an hour before going to my boss and letting him know I was … Continue reading

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