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The Man Spa

About two miles from our previous apartment, there was a day spa whose advertising seemed predominantly aimed at women.  You could go in for a day of relaxing, having people do your hair and nails, get a massage, generally decompress … Continue reading

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This is a thing.

This is a real thing: No, seriously, this is an actual thing.

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Finding my limits

The biggest purchase I made in Japan was an Xbox 360S, partially because my US 360 is four years old and will presumably die any day now but mostly because I wanted to play Japanese-only releases of shooters and Idolmaster … Continue reading

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Let’s get these out of the way

Here’s a pile of random Japanese-English signs and so on that I’m just going to throw into a single post, make a couple snide comments about, and move on to more important things instead of pretending that each one is … Continue reading

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This will be a day long remembered

Lucky find at Goodwill today. It may be a bit of a challenge making all of these work in a modern operating system, mind you, but I’m looking forward to it.

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Achtung, Buddy

Unfortunately for the Great Backlog Project, I didn’t play many video games for the last couple of months while I was in Japan.  Even worse for aforementioned Great Backlog Project, I did buy quite a few. However, I have been … Continue reading

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We prepared the seat.

Another cheap shot at Japanese-use-of-English here.  This was on the window of an Italian restaurant in Kawasaki-shi. It’s actually a fairly literal translation of the text, and it makes perfect sense in the original, so I feel bad about making … Continue reading

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