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Ponies do Justice League

I love this cover so very much: Sure, it makes almost no sense to drop a homage to a 26-year-old superhero comic onto a 2013-released comic ostensibly aimed at kids, but I love the way it copies both the visual … Continue reading

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PSP: The Leftovers

As may have been apparent, I’ve been quite enjoying having a dedicated portable system around on those occasions where I’m out and about but have some time to kill. I’m not by any means denying that there are some excellent … Continue reading

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I’m just not meant to play “Uncharted”

Several years ago, when we bought our first PS3, one of the first things I tried out on it was the demo for the at-the-time-brand-new game, “Uncharted”. I got a few minutes into the demo and got to the point … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Crown

I don’t play many 2D brawlers.  I’d like to blame this on a generational thing – the genre more or less started with Double Dragon, and that came out right around the same time I stopped going to arcades.  So, … Continue reading

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The I IS capitalized.

I took advantage of the early iTunes release of Star Trek: Into Darkness to re-watch it last night.  I’d seen it in the theater, but my wife was watching it for the first time.  I’ll admit that it was fun … Continue reading

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Drama for Language Geeks

I’ve never been a real fan of Japanese live action drama series. I watched the Great Teacher Onizuka TV series some years back, after seeing the movie, and I keep meaning to get around to Winter Sonata – yes, I … Continue reading

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A month or so ago, I was looking at the “Recommended for you” page on Amazon, and the number one item was Haganai.  I don’t buy a lot of anime these days – I don’t buy a lot of physical … Continue reading

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Exchange Rates Are Important

One of the derpier things about my current job is that, every year, I need to take mandatory ethics training, specifically on the topic of dealing with representatives of foreign governments. At my level, I can pretty much be sure … Continue reading

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Bioshock Infinite: It’s Awfully Pretty

I originally wrote a massive wall of text here about Bioshock: Infinite, and you can still read that if you want (It’s under the “More” tag), but I read it over and realized that I could sum it up much … Continue reading

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I Want To Know What You’re Thinking

I watch an awful lot of anime that can be described, charitably, as “vapid”, and I feel a little ashamed about this sometimes. On the other hand, I’m usually watching anime to give me something to take my mind off … Continue reading

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