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Random Number Generators

When I was a kid, up through about my late teens, I played an awful lot of pencil & paper RPGs.  It started with Dungeons & Dragons, of course.  A friend had the Basic Set – the “red box” that … Continue reading

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Sidekick: The Game

Back in August of 2009, out of a vague sense of obligation, I played through the first Jax & Daxter game. My conclusion at the time was that it was, if not particularly overwhelming, at least OK.  I thought it … Continue reading

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Nope, didn’t end well.

So, at the very end, Halo: Reach delivers exactly what it promised in the opening cinematic:  Your broken helmet lying on the ground and your character dead. The trick that Bungie needed to pull off, then, was to make a … Continue reading

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This won’t end well.

Within the first two minutes of starting Halo: Reach’s single player campaign, you’re treated to the sight of your helmet lying in the middle of a wasteland. This is probably the first clue that things really aren’t going to work … Continue reading

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Sorry, fellas, she’s taken.

So today was of course Valentine’s day, otherwise known as Christmas II for anyone in the flowers, chocolate, or jewelry industries. For the record, I went with option (3), and got my wife a string of freshwater pearls and matching … Continue reading

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Hey, the 360 still works.

I haven’t played an Xbox 360 game in about five months, ever since finishing “Bayonetta”, so it’s good to see that the thing is still fully operational – I did have to run a dashboard update, of course, but that’s … Continue reading

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What lurks within…

I have a good friend at school who’s a dual Digital Arts / Japanese major, and her professors give her some very odd assignments. Not the Japanese professor, mind you.  She gives out perfectly normal assignments – they may make … Continue reading

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