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Ugly First Level Syndrome, an Anecdote

I was at work today and sort of casually eavesdropping on the gentleman in the next cube who’s recommending SOCOM to another of our developers, and the developer in question brings up Rainbow Six Vegas because, well, they’re talking about … Continue reading

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Oh, foo.

No Xbox live gold subscription at the moment means no downloading the new Tomb Raider demo. I really can’t work up much of a rant on the topic, but darn those, uh, people at Microsoft and their darned gold-subscriber-exclusivity windows. … Continue reading

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Izuna 2: A Cheap Win is Still A Win

I’m going to start this Izuna-related post by talking about another game completely. There is a particularly effective tactic in Everquest called “kiting” No, really, this is about Izuna, I’ll get back to her in a second. The tactic involves … Continue reading

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A Follow-Up to a Rant About Fatal Frame II

OK, I have to cut Tecmo a little bit of slack now about that fight in Fatal Frame II. More spoilers for the game follow.  You are warned. After a few attempts on my own, I went looking for FAQs, … Continue reading

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A rant about Fatal Frame II

I’ve tried to speak in general terms here, but the following is a wee bit of a spoiler for the final fight in Fatal Frame II, so you might not want to read on if you’re like me and still … Continue reading

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Pudding! Also, sheer abject terror.

It’s been a nice few days in the Portland area.  After waiting until, roughly, June, to get even a hint of spring, we’re getting a very sunny and warm fall to make up for it. Because it was so bloody … Continue reading

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Trek Nostalgia: Satiated.

I can now confirm what I’d heard about Star Trek Legacy’s length: It’s a pretty short game, especially if you’re playing it on easy. About the time you’re starting to feel really comfortable with the controls and flying your ships … Continue reading

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Be the Captain…

It is no coincidence that the last Star Trek licensed game I played was Star Trek : Strategic Operations Simulator, a vector graphics arcade game released in 1982.  For some reason, the series has a reputation for attracting the worst … Continue reading

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A Tale of Guns and Demons and Pleated Skirts

I was terribly tempted to claim that, upon returning Bioshock to the shelf, I took the next game off the shelf to play, and that game was Bullet Witch. To be perfectly honest, though, if I’d done that, I would … Continue reading

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Would you kindly…

…share in my sense of accomplishment? It took staying up far, far too late, but I am done with Rapture, and of course got the “mega happy” ending because I’m such a swell guy. Enough good things have been said … Continue reading

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