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Willow loves her some Dreamcast

We honestly do have two cats, but it seems like Willow is the one who gets herself photographed more. In this case, she’s showing off how the Sega bias transcends species. The internet: It’s for posting pictures of your cats.

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I’d like to thank, uh, I’m not really sure…

All I know is that, between 1999 and 2007, I bought a bunch of graphics cards, mostly for the purpose of making Everquest look better. Kind of a sad statement that, but it’s more or less true. Your average graphics … Continue reading

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Great Moments in PC Gaming

“Laputan Machine” There really is no way to explain that without spoiling a major plot point in Deus Ex, so I recommend – if you aren’t one of the gazillion people who played through the game five years ago when … Continue reading

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Some examples of sadness

Newest-stuff-on-top, while making it easier to find the latest additions, means that this post, which refers to things in the previous post, won’t make much sense without having read the previous post, so go ahead and skip to that if … Continue reading

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The world is a tiny place.

I will admit that, in the primitive times that were early 90’s anime fandom, I did occasionally buy something just because it was Japanese, or just because it featured anime characters – even ones I’d never heard of – just … Continue reading

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Another fine day of manly gaming as men.

Traveling to Los Angeles and Seattle over the last two weekends had prevented me from getting together with my gaming spouse, as he is now referred to by my wife, to finish Earth Defense Force, but I’m actually home this … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday, and I wants it.

A couple of weekends ago, when we were in Los Angeles, we stopped at Westside Pavillion so my wife could look at the stores there for Tokidoki bags.  My primary mission, of course, was to talk her out of buying … Continue reading

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Translator’s Nightmare?

I watched the 2005 movie “Linda, Linda, Linda” tonight. It’s Ouendan’s fault, by the way. I got hooked on the Blue Hearts song in the game so I looked it up on stage6 to see if there was a video, … Continue reading

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Goals for the summer

The big goal for the summer before school begins in September is to be good and ready for Japanese 201. Unfortunately I have the problem that, while I have a pretty decent vocabulary built up, a heck of a lot … Continue reading

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An unfortunate pattern.

When something happens only once, it’s possible that it’s a unique event. When something happens more than once, it starts looking like a pattern. That’s about as “deep” as I get in the morning. At any rate, the pattern in … Continue reading

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