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Translator’s Nightmare?

I watched the 2005 movie “Linda, Linda, Linda” tonight. It’s Ouendan’s fault, by the way. I got hooked on the Blue Hearts song in the game so I looked it up on stage6 to see if there was a video, … Continue reading

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Goals for the summer

The big goal for the summer before school begins in September is to be good and ready for Japanese 201. Unfortunately I have the problem that, while I have a pretty decent vocabulary built up, a heck of a lot … Continue reading

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An unfortunate pattern.

When something happens only once, it’s possible that it’s a unique event. When something happens more than once, it starts looking like a pattern. That’s about as “deep” as I get in the morning. At any rate, the pattern in … Continue reading

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I don’t (heart) LA

But we lived there for five years anyway. If you’re a fanboy, LA is like a giant box of things you probably want.  Honestly, it’s no Akihabara but  it’s full of stores that want to sell you cool things. That … Continue reading

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Osu! Tatakae! Obsession!

Yes, I know, Ouendan 2 is already out, and if I were a true fan I’d have it already, but for now, for now I am going back to the original game with a mission. You may have noticed, if … Continue reading

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One class down, one to go…

Due this Thursday, by 11:55PM: My Technical Writing term paper and my English Literature term paper. I turned in the Technical Writing one Tuesday at around 10:30PM, so I am completely done with the class – just have to wait … Continue reading

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More phone lust

Before the Nokia 6630, I had a Motorola RAZR V3.  I confess that I chose it largely because, well, it looks really neat.  Also, it’s a quad band phone, which the T-Mobile guys assured me meant that I could use … Continue reading

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