Osu! Tatakae! Obsession!

Yes, I know, Ouendan 2 is already out, and if I were a true fan I’d have it already, but for now, for now I am going back to the original game with a mission.

You may have noticed, if you have read earlier posts on video games, that I (a) have a weird fear / love association with forklifts and (b) tend to call games “finished!” and move on to the next one as soon as I’ve beaten them on the easiest possible difficulty setting.

Ouendan was one of those. I beat it on Easy, got as far as Ready Steady Go on “regular”, and hit a brick wall there and decided to stop and call it good.

I picked it up again this weekend and got hooked again… My new goal is to try to complete all the levels before RSG with at least a “B” rank and then see if I can’t break through that brick wall and unlock the “hard” setting.

I’m down to about 4 levels on “regular” to beat with “B”… It would be 3, but somehow I managed to get a crazy high score while at the same time earning a “C” rank on “Linda, Linda” and so, even though I’ve gotten “B” grades on the level, they’re not saved because I’m not beating the high score for the level.

No, there’s nothing special about “B” rank, it’s just a personal goal. I understand that the sequel actually unlocks some new stages for you based on rankings, though, so it’s not a bad idea to get in practice before I get a copy.

I’m not mad enough to shoot for “A” rankings, though I’ve gotten 3 of them on easy level, which I am inordinately proud of. If I ever see an “S” rank I think I’ll have to be one of those people who records the replay and puts it up on Youtube just to prove they’ve done it…


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