I don’t (heart) LA

But we lived there for five years anyway.

If you’re a fanboy, LA is like a giant box of things you probably want.  Honestly, it’s no Akihabara but  it’s full of stores that want to sell you cool things.

That aside… well, you’re in this giant town with lots of cool places to go, but if you want to go from, say, Santa Monica to, say, Five Star Laser in San Gabriel (which we did), it’s a 90 minute trip.  Both ways.  3 hours of sitting in traffic burning $3.50 gasoline.  I have a good friend down there who buys almost everything he owns from Amazon – I didn’t get the point when I lived in LA, I mean, he was buying stuff online and waiting for it to be shipped when he could just have gone to the mall…

…Now I understand, and see the wisdom of his ways.

Still, we were down there, and I had forgotten just how long it takes to get anywhere, so we went to the aforementioned Five Star Laser and picked up some DVDs.  All Region-3 releases, and they look fairly legit.

(Ye gods, though, there are a lot of bootlegs out there these days, it’s really bad. Even stores on Sawtelle, which wasn’t a big bootleg district before, had lots of bootleg DVDs.  I didn’t expect that.  Still, they’re blatantly obvious and fairly easy to avoid.)

We got Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls) because the US release, while it claims to be anamorphic, isn’t, Gamera The Brave because I love me some giant flying turtles, Green Snake because we still needed to replace the laserdisc, Wheels on Meals (another laserdisc replacement), Twin Dragons, because if ONE Jackie Chan is good, two must be better, “The Lucky Guy” because it has Stephen Chow AND Sammi Cheng, The God of Cookery because it has Stephen Chow, The Diary of a Big Man because we decided we wanted to see Chow Yun-Fat in a romantic comedy, and Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2006 because, well, the wife likes her some weird costumes and Ayumi live shows tend to be packed full of weird costumes.

We also went to an anime store in Westside Pavillion and bought a couple of figures, then realized they needed to be shipped because we’d packed really light for the weekend trip and wouldn’t be able to get them home in luggage.  Pictures when and if they arrive.

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