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I’m ready for Nico-Nico-Nioh-Ni

Coming up on the end of the year here, and I’m ending 2018 in the exact way I ended 2017 – playing Koei Tecmo’s Nioh.  I bought the expansions in, oh, March or so and I had been putting off … Continue reading

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On the topic of toothpicks

There’s a bit in “So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish” where the main character is asked to reflect upon a society that feels the need to include instructions in a box of toothpicks.  Nowadays we have actually regressed … Continue reading

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Old Soldiers Never Die…

No posts in a while.  Should say something. My first tech job was working for a sound card manufacturer, and we bundled several… you’d call them codecs now, but we didn’t use that term back then.  Little shim programs that … Continue reading

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