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A weekend to-do list:

To do this weekend: 1) Write a 3-page REL101 paper. 2) Study for JPN301 midterm 3) Attend a football game.  Yes, you read that right, an actual sporting event.  No, I don’t know the actual rules to the sport, but … Continue reading

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E8 H8

So, I quite enjoyed the 2006 “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” anime, and it turned me into a bit of a KyoAni fanboy; I went from there to watching Air, and Kanon, and Lucky Star and so forth. I didn’t go … Continue reading

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Kratos, pusher of crates

Started God of War this weekend. It’s a game which got generally impressive reviews, and I quite enjoyed it for a few minutes. The combat was nice and stabby, the visuals were very impressive for a PS2 title, and the … Continue reading

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You say Pettanko, I say Potato

While I’ve been watching K-On! just of late, it actually wasn’t what got me back to watching anime series.  That honor (blame?) falls on Toradora!, which is part of my favorite genre, the high-school/college romantic comedy with love triangles more … Continue reading

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Horrible, inexcusable and generally wrong

I’ve been making more time in my life to actually sit down and watch anime.  I haven’t followed any shows regularly since, oh, Clannad, and that’s been a couple of years, so there’ve been lots to choose from. I notice … Continue reading

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Princes, questionable

So, I’ve been coming to terms with the news that a family member passed away recently.  It wasn’t entirely unexpected – she was 93 years old and had been having a pretty bad summer of things – but it’s still … Continue reading

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Even though I’m not tempted to go out and buy a PSPgo, I admit that the media attention – negative as some of it is – focused on the console has gotten me back to gaming on my 1000. In … Continue reading

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