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Evil Plans Continue

My UPS package came, which, along with a trip to the campus bookstore and to True Value, gave me all the ammunition I need to, well, make a tonne of work for myself this weekend. PS: I might actually dust, … Continue reading

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Evil Plans, Go!

I have the next five days off work. Now that I’ve finished the video capture / encode / edit project, I have one more Big Goal, which is to say: Get our digital crap sorted out. Stage 1: Taking my … Continue reading

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Suck it, Sisyphus

I have ranted before about the problem of having been too much a fanboy back in the analog media days.   That problem, basically, is that I had a massive pile of analog media around taking up space, slowly degrading, and … Continue reading

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Stories, Brave:

Back in summer of 2006, when I made my first solo trip to Japan, one of my goals for the trip was to see Ged Senki in a theater – because, damnit, I wanted to see a Studio Ghibli movie … Continue reading

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I’m a bad man.

So, there’s this developer at work who I have kind of a friendly adversarial relationship with. That is to say, he’s a decent enough guy and we get along well, but he really doesn’t understand what QA’s role is.  He … Continue reading

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The Joy of Painting

Apologies to any Bob Ross fans who stumble across this accidentally, there was simply no other appropriate title. I finished Okami last night.  Since I recieved it for Christmas 2006, that means that I had put off playing it for … Continue reading

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Digital Distribution Done Right

I don’t much care for digital distribution.  I may have mentioned this a time or twenty before. I like having physical copies of things I own, and I like the feeling of having control.  Most digital distribution seems designed to … Continue reading

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