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A Quick Thought on Rise Of The Tomb Raider

I had the following error message pop-up on me this evening: And I thought, huh, I guess I have been playing for a while, so that sort of error isn’t that weird, how long HAVE I been playing anyway? It … Continue reading

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I Probably Shouldn’t Call This My “Diva Cup”

For a guy who claims to be above all that silly trophy nonsense, I certainly do seem to be spending a lot of time going for Platinum trophies in my Vita games this month. In this case, it’s a side … Continue reading

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Hail Hydra

Finished Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate today – well, technically, I finished Warriors Orochi 3, because the “Ultimate” version added a bunch of chapters that take place after the ending credits – but I’m good with the story ending where it … Continue reading

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Sorry for the poor picture quality – Monster Monpiece is the first Vita game I’ve played that disables the screenshot option, presumably for Reasons. Anyway. There’s a lot of controversy around MonMon, because it’s a pretty fan-service heavy game in … Continue reading

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New Pony Merch (Technically not a Pony)

Being a 40-something guy with a great fondness for the recent My Little Pony series already puts me into something of a fringe fandom (and, probably, on to several FBI watchlists), but really enjoying the “Equestria Girls” spinoff movies puts … Continue reading

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Mash Square to Continue

So, I finished playing through both of the Disney Infinity 3.0 play sets I bought during the post-Christmas sales, which left me with only two PS4 games on the backlog.  One of them is Alien: Isolation, a game that I … Continue reading

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In Which, We Reflect On The Hazards Of Not Regularly Erasing Scratch Media

So, just shy of five years after graduation, I’m back in a classroom. This time, I’m taking an intermediate Japanese class from the local community college’s Continuing Education department. It was a little pricier than I expected for an 8-session … Continue reading

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