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In which, I fix a PS3 AGAIN.

Sony hardware seems to have a hard time of things in our house.  I suspect that it knows that it’s not entirely welcome and that I’d prefer an alternate universe where Sega won the mid-90s console wars and Sony was … Continue reading

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After my recent Assassin’s Creed binge, my wife got me a Vita so that I could play Assassin’s Creed: Liberation before AssFour comes out this holiday season. The store had two different packages available:  One box with the console by … Continue reading

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Hobbit Forming

It probably isn’t much of a surprise that a prolonged gap in me putting new posts up here usually means that I’ve discovered a new MMO or rediscovered an old one. In this case, it was rediscovered. Well, more like … Continue reading

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In which I am failed by digital distribution.

We have two PS3s in our house – one a launch 60GB model which I’m rather expecting will explode at any moment and which has already needed a blu-ray drive replacement, and the other a more recent 120GB model which … Continue reading

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Well, I would stab five hundred mans, and I would stab five hundred more…

  So I watched both the Microsoft and Sony presentations during E3 as they were streamed, because it’s a New Console Intro Year and those are always Big Time Hype Years.  Microsoft’s Windows Phone Live Events app, by the way, … Continue reading

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WP8, now with more Miku

OK, so this is kind of a silly thing to be happy about, but I found a neat application that allows me to make custom Windows Phone tiles out of images. So I took that app and this image and … Continue reading

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A Bit Late to the Party

I’m a big fan of emulation to keep older game consoles alive – most of my Saturn gaming is done with the excellent SSF emulator, for example.  It lets me avoid needing to hook up an 18-year-old console and, to … Continue reading

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