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Ben & Jerry’s Needs To Fire A Marketing Guy

I’m not usually an ice cream snob; I like cookies & cream and mint chocolate chip, and I like pumpkin ice cream when I can get it, which is unfortunately only a couple months of the year. All of these … Continue reading

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Amazon’s wish list feature is an awfully handy thing. I don’t really use it for its intended purpose, though – I’m not pimping it around to friends and relatives as a “gosh, if you ever needed a gift idea”. What … Continue reading

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Resuscitating Gameworlds

So yeah, Sony sucked me back into Everquest; I should change the about page to remove the “recovering addict” part. In fairness, they did a good job of coming back from a very bad situation. From an outsider’s point of … Continue reading

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Kuru Kuru Chameleon

It’s good to be married to a woman who understands your basic needs for things like weird Japanese puzzle games. A couple of weeks ago, she was visiting family in San Jose when she went into an import computer parts … Continue reading

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