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A few years back, with some long plane flights looming, I decided to dip a toe into the murky waters of the Pokémon franchise, and bought Pokémon Moon. I thought it was pretty fun, though the main “go beat up … Continue reading

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Stabbity Stabbity Pokey Pokey

It’s been a while since I’ve finished two games on the same day, and I honestly don’t know if there are two games in my collection that could possibly be any more different. The Rub Rabbits! is a prequel to … Continue reading

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OK, so to start: I finished the three main characters’ challenges in Tottemo E Mahjong, played through the 2 DLC characters’ challenges and even downloaded the 3rd and final DLC character though I haven’t actually played any of that yet.  … Continue reading

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Streetpass Effect

I mentioned a month or two ago that I’d taken to collecting Streetpasses on my Pretty Princess Pink 3DSXL, and that I’d gotten a few Special Miis thanks to E3. That was cool and all, but really I wasn’t getting … Continue reading

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That’s not gonna help the backlog.

So I just got back from a week and a bit in Japan.  I’m happy to report that it’s still there, still terribly polite to clueless foreigners, and generally a fun place to wander around in even if it occasionally … Continue reading

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Why I shouldn’t work for Nintendo

One of the weirder features of the 3DS is “Streetpass”, where your system regularly exchanges a little information with every other 3DS it passes. It’s not a lot – your Mii data, your greeting, and the last game you played. … Continue reading

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3DS first thoughts

The pretty princess pink edition is actually a two tone affair. It’s more white than pink when it’s open, which is actually quite appealing. I also like the shade of pink used in the 3DS more than the pink from … Continue reading

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Feeling Profiled

So, as mentioned, I bought a Nintendo 3DS for the purpose of playing, for a start, the exclusive Kingdom Hearts game. I couldn’t buy the game at the same time, so I resorted to ordering it and a screen protector … Continue reading

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Two reasons to play Muramasa.

One final exam down this morning, another final paper handed in, all I have left to do is sit my Japanese final on Wednesday and I can look forward to a nice winter break. Mind you, in an effort to … Continue reading

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A Doujin Gaming Detour

OK, so the actual talk about Doujin games happens a fair bit down this post; I had lots of lead-up.  Sorry about that. So, back in August, I switched over to a new computer – a shiny new 13″ Macbook … Continue reading

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