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In Another Club

This time, an official club, not an unofficial fraternity like the Brotherhood of the Dead Xboxen, which was the last club I became an – unwilling – member of. No, see, Nintendo finally launched their Club Nintendo points-for-rewards scheme, and … Continue reading

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Spiky Haired Freaks And Me

It’s been a bit over a decade since my wife and I played through Final Fantasy VII, but one thing sticks with me. Well, a few things, really.  Chocobo racing, giant nasty sandworms, flower girls meeting unfortunate ends… but mostly … Continue reading

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Rub IS Love

I didn’t jump on board the DS bandwagon until a couple of years after its release.  Honestly, when it was announced, I thought that Nintendo had lost its collective mind, and by the time it became apparent that they’d actually … Continue reading

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Izuna 2: A Cheap Win is Still A Win

I’m going to start this Izuna-related post by talking about another game completely. There is a particularly effective tactic in Everquest called “kiting” No, really, this is about Izuna, I’ll get back to her in a second. The tactic involves … Continue reading

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I TOTALLY did not see that coming

When I mentioned, a few days ago, that Izuna 2’s partner system seemed designed to make any sane person concentrate solely on leveling one partner at the expense of the rest, I knew… somehow, I just knew… that the partner … Continue reading

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Shocking Bio, Crashing Ninja

Playing through Omegane Teacher until I’d unlocked everything restored enough of my pervy fanboy cred that I felt justified in installing Bioshock and giving it a try. Amazingly, it’s not that I bought Bioshock at launch for full price and … Continue reading

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Double Your Ninja, Double Your Fun

I don’t think that will ever win any awards as an advertising jingle, but it’s a good enough motto to live by. Izuna 2 certainly tries to live by it, and I’m trying to decide whether that’s a good thing … Continue reading

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I have not lost my way.

It has not escaped my attention that, with all the dungeon sieging and dooming and quaking and racing of late, I have become seriously at risk of losing my “pervy fanboy” credentials.  The occasional nekomimi-themed wallpaper doesn’t do much to … Continue reading

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Amazon’s wish list feature is an awfully handy thing. I don’t really use it for its intended purpose, though – I’m not pimping it around to friends and relatives as a “gosh, if you ever needed a gift idea”. What … Continue reading

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Kuru Kuru Chameleon

It’s good to be married to a woman who understands your basic needs for things like weird Japanese puzzle games. A couple of weeks ago, she was visiting family in San Jose when she went into an import computer parts … Continue reading

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