In Another Club

This time, an official club, not an unofficial fraternity like the Brotherhood of the Dead Xboxen, which was the last club I became an – unwilling – member of.

No, see, Nintendo finally launched their Club Nintendo points-for-rewards scheme, and it was even thoughtful enough to let me migrate over my “MyNintendo” account and gave me points for the games I’d already bought and registered…

…some of them, anyway.  Which is to say, I got points for the Nintendo-branded Wii and DS titles I’d registered, but absolutely nothing for the long list of Gamecube and GBA games I’d registered.  I understand that I bought them an awfully long time ago and that they represent the Old Nintendo, back when it was a distant also-ran in the console market as opposed to an all-crushing juggernaut, but it would have been nice to get some credit for them.

Anyway, I wound up with about 15 games that were worth “coins”, which is their pseudo currency, and in all I wound up with 600 “coins” with which I could buy…

…well, not a lot, really.  Some bits of fluff that are interesting until you work out that, at 600 coins, you’ve bought approximately $700 worth of DS games to get a Mario-branded DS game rack that looks to hold about a dozen DS boxes.

On the other hand, the coins don’t expire for two years, and they’ve already confirmed that there will be special merchandise around the end of the Club Nintendo year, which is in June, so I’ll just hold on to my coins until then.  The Japanese club gets neat things like Super Famicom-style Wii Classic Controllers, and I wouldn’t mind something of the sort.

One negative side effect of this – now that those little registration cards have actual value, I wouldn’t go buying any “It’s our last copy!” games from Gamestop, unless I wanted to see a lot of “this registration code has already been used!” when I went to go and register it.

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