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Geek moment of the day…

For several minutes on my morning commute, I was behind a car with a bumper sticker that said “CHACO”. I spent the entire time trying to figure out what the first C might possibly stand for.

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Patchwork again

When I played Patchwork back in December, I thought that it was a relaxing and thoroughly charming point-and-click adventure, but bemoaned the difficulty of actually finding somewhere to BUY the darned thing – it was distributed as part of an … Continue reading

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My stuff, look at it.

Speaking of regular Saturday night pencil-and-paper RPG groups, I got talked into signing up for YET ANOTHER social network type of thing, this one rather specific in its focus – it’s for people who collect Japanese figurines from games & … Continue reading

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Not sure which is nerdier…

a) Having a regular Saturday night pencil & paper RPG group, or b) buying this shirt from shirt.woot specifically to troll the members of my regular Saturday night pencil & paper RPG group:   Of course, there’s always option c), … Continue reading

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It was the Nineties, and there was Time for Pirates

My most recent video fare has been a big plate of nineties anime nostalgia called The Enemy’s The Pirates!, a six-episode OVA series from 1990 based on a series of books that I’ve never read. ┬áMy interest in the series, … Continue reading

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Is “Proofread Fail” hyphenated?

Got a Dell catalog in the mail today, and I couldn’t resist poking maybe a little bit of fun when I noticed this:   And yes, nameless Dell catalog blurb writer person, I think it is supposed to be capitalized. … Continue reading

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Vegetables, Actually Quite Bad For You:

  One nice side benefit of all this DVD ripping and encoding I’ve been doing is that I occasionally stumble across something that I’d purchased and forgotten to actually watch. Hence my sitting down for a three hour sessions with … Continue reading

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Stretching definitions.

Since browsing the iTunes App Store is an exercise in frustration for anyone interested in seeing what’s down under all the annoyed birds and running temples, I tend to rely heavily on Game Center recommendations and the “Customers Also Bought” … Continue reading

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