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I’ve done… questionable things.

And I got to make up for a couple of them over the course of the last few days. Short version:  My angering of the Apple gods resulted in me having to re-rip an awful lot of CDs.  For most … Continue reading

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And another bit about school…

Classes done and pulled out a pair of As.  Books cheerfully sold back, and $150 worth of books bought for next term.  Also 8 credits @ $67 each + $20 a class “online fee”…  And I know full well I’m … Continue reading

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My cdjapan order came in…

I got my “Linda, Linda” single, and the Honey and Clover Complete Best album and uh… Seven Haruhi character singles.  I happen to know there are people with much worse obsessions.

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The revenge of Apple, Inc.

Apparently saying something against the Steve is just bad karma. Let me sum up. There’s a bug in Front Row. Not a big one, really more of a nuisance. Front Row will occasionally claim that you don’t have a license … Continue reading

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When you start off at 290 pounds, it’s important to set reasonable expectations for weight loss, and then set new goals as you hit them. My first goal was basically “climb the two flights of stairs in the parking garage … Continue reading

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Uh oh, I drank the kool-aid

I think that should be hyphenated. Probably needs a tm or something, but I’m a very lazy person. Anyway. So this particular kool-aid. I’m typing this from a Windows PC. There’s another two to my right and two behind me. … Continue reading

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Nemu’s no good for you, dork

I finished Da Capo SS, and while the ending could have gone slightly better, I had a bit of a realization. The show was based on a videogame.  If you were to purchase and PLAY the videogame, you could probably … Continue reading

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Feedin’ am good

I’m a bit of a list maker. Some of these lists get to-do items on them that take months or years to actually get accomplished, but it’s rare that they completely fall off the lists. Saturday I got to knock … Continue reading

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Da Capo and Vista and Goodbyes…

All right, neither episodes 13 or 14 of Da Capo Second Season were clips shows. What is the world coming to? Also, the pain that is Aisia is starting to subside, and Kotori is getting much more screen time. I … Continue reading

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Joysticks and catgirls, oh my.

I am kind of prone to buying things that will be useful, someday… and then not doing anything with them for quite a while. Let me back up a bit. If you were a fan of mahjong games or Capcom … Continue reading

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