Uh oh, I drank the kool-aid

I think that should be hyphenated. Probably needs a tm or something, but I’m a very lazy person.

Anyway. So this particular kool-aid.

I’m typing this from a Windows PC. There’s another two to my right and two behind me. At work I use Windows machines. While I’m not fool enough to claim that Windows is the be-all and end-all of operating systems, I’m pretty familiar with it and I don’t have the bandwidth to get as familiar with any other OSes.

I don’t even own an iPod, I have a hand-me-down Creative Zen player than I’m quite fond of.

We have a Mac mini, which I have no complaints with. It’s a fine piece of hardware but basically its purpose in life is to sit under the TV in the living room, play back downloaded anime and TV purchased from iTunes, and record episodes of Legion of Super-Heroes and travel programs about Alaska and Japan. Also it has many fine emulators installed which I do not take advantage of because, again, the whole collect lots of games never have time to play them thing.

It’s running OS X 10.4.8. I don’t need anything better than that. I’m certainly not upgrading to 10.4.9 because I hear horror stories about non-booting macs after the 10.4.9 upgrade.

So why was I really depressed when all the Apple rumor sites stopped saying “10.5 in late march” and switched to “10.5 by the end of June!” today? Why am I even READING Apple rumor sites?

Apparently the next step is buying a black turtleneck and camping out in front of the Cingular store waiting for the iPhone. Which I won’t be buying because it’s six hundred dollars for a fragile device that fits in my pocket.

You won’t get me, Jobs!

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