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OK, I get the cake thing now

After about a zillion sightings of “the cake is a lie hah hah hah I’m so funny and referential”, I broke down and rented Portal yesterday. Well, I rented “The Orange Box”, strictly speaking, but really… Portal. And it was … Continue reading

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Firmware hell

Last year my wife got me a really keen swissbit MP3-player/Swiss Army Knife gadget for my birthday. It made a pretty darn good MP3 player for walking, since I didn’t have to worry about destroying a hard disk, and it … Continue reading

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Yuno, I’m troubled.

I ought to be heading to bed soon, but I’ll probably be up for an hour or so. In the meantime I am faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, I should take this opportunity to study for the … Continue reading

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The PSP Appreciation Project continues…

I have been, at times, an utterly clueless twit. Wait, stay with me, I’ll only be emo for a little bit and it has a purpose. Way way way back when I had just discovered anime and was going through … Continue reading

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Dying gameworlds…

I spent the better part of 8 years playing Everquest. It’s not something I normally discuss in, you know, polite company, because it’s kind of like “I spent a few years doing, you know, crystal meth.” I think people have … Continue reading

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Trusting souls…

My statistics class is the single strangest math class I’ve ever been in.  Day one of class, we all got put in to little 4-person groups and we’ve been doing 90% of our work in these little 4-person groups.  The … Continue reading

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Katakana is a untrustworthy friend.

Normally, I like seeing words in katakana, because normally they’re nice friendly English words. Then, I hit a word spelled in katakana, like, oh, I dunno, “ホーム”, and this of course makes perfect sense. Ho-mu. Home. And then I hit … Continue reading

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Endings, quite satisfactory.

Finally managed to catch up to see the end of Lucky Star this last week. With shows that don’t really have an overall story arc, it’s hard to say when a good “end point” really is, but I really liked … Continue reading

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Back on the horse.

“Let’s Learn Japanese” progress: 29/52 I started the second season back in August and watched 27 & 28… then got off track. Posting here to keep myself in-line. It’s not directly tied to the material covered on the JLPT, but … Continue reading

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To-do: Renew domain

Got a message from WordPress warning me about my domain expiration – putting it here so I remember to do it sometime before 2044. I so bet I’m not the only one making this exact same joke at their expense.

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