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OK, I get the cake thing now

After about a zillion sightings of “the cake is a lie hah hah hah I’m so funny and referential”, I broke down and rented Portal yesterday. Well, I rented “The Orange Box”, strictly speaking, but really… Portal. And it was … Continue reading

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Firmware hell

Last year my wife got me a really keen swissbit MP3-player/Swiss Army Knife gadget for my birthday. It made a pretty darn good MP3 player for walking, since I didn’t have to worry about destroying a hard disk, and it … Continue reading

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Yuno, I’m troubled.

I ought to be heading to bed soon, but I’ll probably be up for an hour or so. In the meantime I am faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, I should take this opportunity to study for the … Continue reading

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The PSP Appreciation Project continues…

I have been, at times, an utterly clueless twit. Wait, stay with me, I’ll only be emo for a little bit and it has a purpose. Way way way back when I had just discovered anime and was going through … Continue reading

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Dying gameworlds…

I spent the better part of 8 years playing Everquest. It’s not something I normally discuss in, you know, polite company, because it’s kind of like “I spent a few years doing, you know, crystal meth.” I think people have … Continue reading

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Trusting souls…

My statistics class is the single strangest math class I’ve ever been in.  Day one of class, we all got put in to little 4-person groups and we’ve been doing 90% of our work in these little 4-person groups.  The … Continue reading

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Katakana is a untrustworthy friend.

Normally, I like seeing words in katakana, because normally they’re nice friendly English words. Then, I hit a word spelled in katakana, like, oh, I dunno, “ホーム”, and this of course makes perfect sense. Ho-mu. Home. And then I hit … Continue reading

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