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2007 JLPT Scores

I’m getting an awful lot of hits recently from people who, like me, are waiting impatiently for the Japan Foundation to finish running our answer sheets through a scantron reader and let us know how we’ve done, already, sheesh. So … Continue reading

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6 days until the JLPT…

So, I took last year’s 3kyuu test tonight, after finishing up the exercises in my Grammar test book. Score: Kanji & Vocab : 41/55 Listening: 15/23 Grammar & Reading: 37/50 These are not great scores.  They ARE passing scores, but … Continue reading

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Yuno, I’m troubled.

I ought to be heading to bed soon, but I’ll probably be up for an hour or so. In the meantime I am faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, I should take this opportunity to study for the … Continue reading

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Katakana is a untrustworthy friend.

Normally, I like seeing words in katakana, because normally they’re nice friendly English words. Then, I hit a word spelled in katakana, like, oh, I dunno, “ホーム”, and this of course makes perfect sense. Ho-mu. Home. And then I hit … Continue reading

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JLPT Madness 2007

Well, I’m critically behind on my studying, and honestly I was thinking about wimping out this year, but – damn it – I’m going to do my best here. Signed up for the JLPT Level 3. It’s held December 2. … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

When you’re a little disappointed is probably not a good time to start a blog, so I’ll try not to go too emo in this. First, the good: JLPT Level 4 results came today. That is to say, I’d already … Continue reading

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