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I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Let me be clear about one thing: When it comes to the robot uprising, I am 100% for it. The way we’ve been running the planet over the last couple of years have me completely on-board with the idea that … Continue reading

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Getting Swole with Idols

I have some things coming up next month that are going to leave absolutely zero time for games, so I have been ignoring virtually every other project on my “to-do” list in favor of trying to finish Tokyo Mirage Sessions#FE. … Continue reading

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New year, old hobbies

Hey, this thing still works.  Crazy! So I’ve been playing, well, far too much EQ.  Normally I would have burned out by now, to be honest – I don’t seem to be able to stick with any MMO for more … Continue reading

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Measuring progress

The nice thing about a stationary exercise bike of the sort we have in our apartment’s exercise room is that it gives me quantifiable progress. See, the thing has twelve resistance settings, 1 being awfully lightweight and 12 being, I … Continue reading

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Exercise mixes, accidental:

I made a happy discovery last night, and repeated it tonight: If I select “Mosaic.wav – めがねでねっ!” in my PSP’s “Music” folder and let it play sequentially from there, I get a half-hour of Mosaic.wav, Hamada Shouko, SweetS, and Round … Continue reading

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Back on the bike…

BMI is an annoyingly arbitrary scale with plenty of room for exceptions; it doesn’t take into account things like body type or muscle mass when assigning you to “healthy” or “overweight.” But, it is awfully convenient, even when it’s saying … Continue reading

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Losing a bunch of weight tends to get you asked two questions: 1) How’d you do it? 2) Why did you do it? My answer to the first one is usually “Eat lots of fruit and yogurt, don’t go to … Continue reading

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Goals in life: Questionable

Back from Alaska, and it was a fine time indeed. Saw lots of natural beauty, plenty of wildlife, and a few museums. A good trip. Much good food, in fact, too much – I came home at 193.6 and need … Continue reading

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Today, I am a man.

OK, well, that’s up to interpretation. But I did finish Ikaruga. Granted, I finished it by playing it until the “pity the shooter-impaired person” mode kicked in and the game switched into unlimited continues mode… The best I was able … Continue reading

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I have to fight what, now?

I hate saying “another game down” after playing something like Shadow of the Colossus.  It doesn’t seem a respectful enough sentiment for the kind of experience the game provided.  Nonetheless, I can add it to my “finished!” stack and stop … Continue reading

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