I have to fight what, now?

I hate saying “another game down” after playing something like Shadow of the Colossus.  It doesn’t seem a respectful enough sentiment for the kind of experience the game provided.  Nonetheless, I can add it to my “finished!” stack and stop feeling guilty about it sitting on the shelf… though I may try some of the fights again now that I can go directly to the various colossi.

At this point I am tempted to go all fanboyish about how cool the game is, but let’s be honest –  if it’s your kind of game, you played it a year ago, if not two years ago, and I am so late to the party that any further praise is really unnecessary.

One of the small advantages of being late to the party – I was able to buy the Greatest Hits version and save 30 bucks in exchange for putting up with an ugly red banner on the packaging.

I can’t say that I’ve done that often – it’s far more often that I buy a game, shelve it, and then get reminded that I ought to try playing that when I see the $20 version hit the shelf.  Final Fantasy games, in particular – for VIII, I not only bought the game at full price, I bought a new Playstation because I was told that the game wouldn’t run on a modified Playstation… so let’s say, $200 to buy this one game?  And, by the way, I haven’t ever finished it, didn’t even start it after until it had been re-released as a GH title, AND (for double irony!) it runs just fine on the modified Playstation.  I could have saved a couple of bucks there is all I’m saying…

This morning’s weight : 190.8

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