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Stranglehold: Well, that sucked.

I’m not going to claim outright that Hard Boiled is the best action movie of all time. There are an awful lot of movies I’ve never seen, after all, so that would be unfair. I think it’s likely, though, that … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Paradise : Not the Movie With Orlando Bloom

Among the advantages of having a wife that buys new gadgets before I get a chance to : I get her hand-me-downs when she gets tired of them. So, when she got herself a PSP and a DS and then … Continue reading

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Super Real Mahjong P7

…Finished, or mostly finished, anyway. I can’t figure out what I’m missing to complete the gohoubi: Obviously I’m missing two of Etsuko’s cinemas, but I’ve played through Etsuko’s scenario twice and everyone else but Yurina’s scenario at least twice.  If … Continue reading

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Internet, you have failed me.

Why was I not told before now that there was a working and highly compatible Sega Saturn emulator? One on which I can play my Mahjong games, and my bunny-girl-with-mallet platform games, and my post-apocalypse RPGs, and my licensed shooters? … Continue reading

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2007 JLPT Scores

I’m getting an awful lot of hits recently from people who, like me, are waiting impatiently for the Japan Foundation to finish running our answer sheets through a scantron reader and let us know how we’ve done, already, sheesh. So … Continue reading

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Dear Director of “Sunshine”

The point, two-thirds of the way through your movie, where you said to yourself: “Boy, these people don’t have enough odds stacked against them and I really can’t think of any interesting ways to kill them off any more.  Let’s … Continue reading

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Screw it, gimme a “C”

Back in high school, I was an unabashed science geek. The requirements for graduation were, I think, 6 terms of science. I took 24. Chemistry, Biology, Physics, assorted applied sciences… I was pretty damn nerdy. So I didn’t expect a … Continue reading

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Faith in humanity fading

When you’re a 44 waist and rocking a 3XL shirt to be comfortable, there’s not a lot of places you can shop for clothes anymore. You can find stuff at Old Navy, or Sears… sometimes Fred Meyer. Your choices are … Continue reading

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OK, c’mon now.

Since PC gaming is in rather better shape in Europe than the US, I’ve been ordering some budget games from UK dealers via eBay.  This leads me to today’s rant. British people: I accept the fact that you get free … Continue reading

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Creepy actor coincidences.

I saw “The Sum of All Fears” shortly after it came out on DVD, which was some while before I started watching “Alias”. I’m also not very good at keeping track of actors, so I didn’t realize there was any … Continue reading

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