Super Real Mahjong P7

…Finished, or mostly finished, anyway. I can’t figure out what I’m missing to complete the gohoubi:

Super Real Mahjong P7 Gohoubi

Obviously I’m missing two of Etsuko’s cinemas, but I’ve played through Etsuko’s scenario twice and everyone else but Yurina’s scenario at least twice.  If it were just a matter of playing through the mahjong storylines, I should be done by now.

I gave the omake game a few tries, but it was just a little too much memorization, so if the final two cinemas are hidden in there somewhere, they’re hidden for good.

As much as I’m a fan of the Suchie Pai series, I have to give the Super Real Mahjong series some respect.  There aren’t any little pop-up windows telling you when you can make a move, there’s no “panel match” style game… if you get a winning tile, you can cheerfully discard it and never get a warning.  There aren’t any power-ups that let you snoop on your opponent’s hand, or stop them pulling a win of your discard – you have to play mahjong and win.  It’s not a good beginner’s game, especially not for a westerner, which makes every win just a little more satisfying.

P7 was a fairly late release in the Saturn’s life, so it’s been censored in accordance with Sega’s newer policy on nudity.   This means no naughty bits are shown, so you don’t need to feel TOO much like a dirty pervert while you play.

However, a word of caution:  Should you be trying to explain to your wife or significant other that the mahjong game you are playing is completely innocent and in fact quite family-friendly (well, this is a lie), watch what terms you use while trying to explain its innocence.

I am now banned from using the term “jubblies” in conversation ever again.  I will not bore you with the details.

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