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Super Real Mahjong PVI for Nintendo Switch

Finally, it is 2019 and there is time for …not Klax.  Klax is not available on the Nintendo Switch.  Super Real Mahjong PVI, on the other hand, is!  Let’s talk about it a little bit. First, of course, an apology … Continue reading

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If you think Mahjong ain’t happening, get down with the midnight fever.

OK.  So I am probably one of about ten people who still remembers Super Zugan, a Kitty Films / Studio Dean production from the early 90s, but the damn theme song keeps getting stuck in my head whenever I buy … Continue reading

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A very simple guide to playing Mahjong video games.

I will be the first to acknowledge that my fondness for Japanese arcade mahjong games is one of my more… rarefied quirks, and that any time I post about them I am basically screaming into the void in the vain … Continue reading

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Hot Gimmick Cosplay-Jong for Nintendo Switch

Sometimes, I put a great deal of effort into finding a pun or a bit of wordplay to use as a post title, and sometimes it seems superfluous.  With a game like this, I saved myself the time. So.  To … Continue reading

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Moenai Gomi

When I wrapped up Suchie-Pai IV, I thought I might be out of mahjong games, but it turns out that I still have at least two PSP games. Today’s post is about the one I decided to start with: Moeru … Continue reading

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Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV: War Sometimes Changes

  Another day, another mahjong game.  This time, Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV – the last entry in the series and not a bad way to wrap things up. Fourteen years passed between the first Suchie-Pai game, a Super Famicom cartridge … Continue reading

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Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II

Another day, another decades-old strip mahjong game off the backlog. So a bit of a historical note here – there was not a lot of software available when the Saturn launched in North America.  It never did terribly well, but … Continue reading

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