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Rhythm and Greens

It’s barely a month into Fall here and we’re already well on our way to the six solid months of rain we normally get in Oregon. This means two things, of course: First, that I can get pumpkin-spice-flavored ANYTHING I … Continue reading

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So much plot

So moe-no-hi (10/10) was last week, and I celebrated by watching Strike Witches.  It’s one of those shows that is infamous for having absolutely shameless amounts of fanservice, and I can report that it pretty much lives up to the … Continue reading

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Cats Are Jerks

My wife and I have between two and four cats. Well, technically, we own two cats.  We didn’t get extra cats until we moved from an apartment into a house and I kept seeing hungry strays in our backyard and … Continue reading

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OK, so to start: I finished the three main characters’ challenges in Tottemo E Mahjong, played through the 2 DLC characters’ challenges and even downloaded the 3rd and final DLC character though I haven’t actually played any of that yet.  … Continue reading

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