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Plastic Heroes

I’m still playing Demon Gaze, and it remains a terribly enjoyable game. The level of fan service has dropped off considerably as I’ve gotten further into the story and dungeon crawling, so I suspect that it may have been front-loaded … Continue reading

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Song of Saya : Dear God, That’s Bleak

I’m not the best person to talk about visual novels, because it’s a genre that I rarely have patience for.  While it’s probably unfair, I associate them with the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, which were 99% horrific endings … Continue reading

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I have a new shiny thing

So, like I mentioned the other night, I’ve been playing a Vita RPG called Demon Gaze.  I have a portion of our house that I’ve set aside as a gaming station, so it has a nice comfy chair from Ikea, … Continue reading

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Just Another Amnesiac With A Mysterious Past

Sony portables have been pretty much rhythm-game machines for me for the better part of this year, so it’s something new to find myself playing Demon Gaze, which is essentially a very pretty take on the Wizardry / Might & … Continue reading

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I’m not brave enough for this

Over the years, I’ve made something of a habit of trying unusual items from the snacks and drinks sections of various Asian supermarkets.  Generally this works out pretty well, to be honest, and I have a lot of personal favorites … Continue reading

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