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Examining Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer

The title of this post actually lies a little.  I’m not going to do any sort of deep dive into the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3, but I am going to talk about it in terms of the intersection … Continue reading

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A Heretical Opinion About Mass Effect 2

I first played through the Mass Effect trilogy in the summer of 2014, and it’s one of a very few series that I have enjoyed enough to let me play all of the entries back-to-back-to-back without needing any breaks.  I … Continue reading

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Frog parking only, all others will be toad.

Yesterday’s post was me ranting about being annoyed by Wii controls, so I thought I’d be a little more positive today.  Fortunately, I also knocked the last couple of WiiU games off my backlog, and it’s easier to be positive … Continue reading

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On Wii Ennui

I’ve been playing through the last bits of my Wii and WiiU backlog recently, in preparation for freeing up another HDMI input, and it’s been an experience that has really made me think about the last few console generations and … Continue reading

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Thanos Quote

About a month ago, I mentioned that I’d pulled a copy of Destiny out of a bargain bin for rather less than the price of a cup of coffee* and that it had been good for a solid 15 hours … Continue reading

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I’ve been stabbing mans wrong.

So, after a few years of being very mad at Ubisoft for the ending of Assassin’s Creed III, this year has been the year when I’ve been catching up on the series. Recently, I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Rogue, the … Continue reading

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