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Sadness in software design

I’ve recently downgraded a machine from Vista business back to XP Professional, a process I will no doubt comment on at length later, and part of it included trying to install the drivers for the Xbox360 controller. Trouble is, I … Continue reading

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Big big savings

In our last apartment, we lived within walking distance of two grocery stores and a convenience store, not to mention several restaurants. While I don’t miss much about that apartment, I miss the easy access to groceries.  I actually did … Continue reading

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But first – we bake!

I have a – and this is a bizarre concept to me – an elementary school “reunion” and potluck dinner tomorrow night. I don’t actually have many memories of my elementary school days, apart from getting in far too many … Continue reading

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Tales of great cooking success: My wife asked for “breakfast for dinner” tonight.  Normally I would interpret this as a request for scrambled eggs, toast or pancakes, and bacon, so that’s what she was expecting. Unfortunately for her, I was … Continue reading

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Full on scary backlog numbers:

I found a most excellent site that allowed me to enter and track my games backlog. You can see the results here. I need to tweak these a bit, because there are some games in it that aren’t mine, or … Continue reading

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More Oneechanbara Goodness

I have now finished two, count them, two whole games on the Wii.  That brings my average up to just under 1 per year.  I should play through another one before next April. Anyway. After Klonoa, which was a nice … Continue reading

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PCE on PSP? Sony, I owe you an apology.

I enjoy me a good bit of Sony bashing as much as the next guy, perhaps more. Perhaps a lot more. That said, their recent attempt to catch up in the downloadable retro game biz wins points with me simply … Continue reading

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