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Sadness in software design

I’ve recently downgraded a machine from Vista business back to XP Professional, a process I will no doubt comment on at length later, and part of it included trying to install the drivers for the Xbox360 controller. Trouble is, I … Continue reading

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Big big savings

In our last apartment, we lived within walking distance of two grocery stores and a convenience store, not to mention several restaurants. While I don’t miss much about that apartment, I miss the easy access to groceries.  I actually did … Continue reading

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But first – we bake!

I have a – and this is a bizarre concept to me – an elementary school “reunion” and potluck dinner tomorrow night. I don’t actually have many memories of my elementary school days, apart from getting in far too many … Continue reading

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Tales of great cooking success: My wife asked for “breakfast for dinner” tonight.  Normally I would interpret this as a request for scrambled eggs, toast or pancakes, and bacon, so that’s what she was expecting. Unfortunately for her, I was … Continue reading

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Full on scary backlog numbers:

I found a most excellent site that allowed me to enter and track my games backlog. You can see the results here. I need to tweak these a bit, because there are some games in it that aren’t mine, or … Continue reading

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More Oneechanbara Goodness

I have now finished two, count them, two whole games on the Wii.  That brings my average up to just under 1 per year.  I should play through another one before next April. Anyway. After Klonoa, which was a nice … Continue reading

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PCE on PSP? Sony, I owe you an apology.

I enjoy me a good bit of Sony bashing as much as the next guy, perhaps more. Perhaps a lot more. That said, their recent attempt to catch up in the downloadable retro game biz wins points with me simply … Continue reading

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Witching at last

I bought “The Witcher” back in December of 2007, paying extra for the UK edition because it wasn’t censored like the US release, then promptly failed to get around to playing it. Part of that is because it brought my … Continue reading

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The Look and Sound of Stupid

I have carefully saved nearly every email I’ve gotten since 1996. This is dumb, as I am coming to find out, because going through old emails lets me realize – I mean, really lets it sink in – that I’ve … Continue reading

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Insanity, redux

So, I didn’t have enough on my plate what with only having a couple of months until school starts and I’ve decided to take on a new project. Specifically, re-importing our CDs into iTunes as Apple lossless files. Moreover, and … Continue reading

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