Tales of great cooking success:

My wife asked for “breakfast for dinner” tonight.  Normally I would interpret this as a request for scrambled eggs, toast or pancakes, and bacon, so that’s what she was expecting.

Unfortunately for her, I was unsupervised.

See, I had leftover steamed rice – and, in a perfect world, I would always have leftover steamed rice – and I had developed a taste, during my last trip to Japan, for omurice, basically a fried rice omelet with ketchup on top.  It’s not really a breakfast food in Japan, but I figured it would pass.

Also, we have a rule: If I cook it, it gets eaten.  I don’t really want to abuse this rule TOO much, lest it get amended, but I figured I could hide behind it if the food didn’t turn out well.

I made a few pancakes, too, which I figured would disguise its “not-breakfast-food” nature.

I didn’t have chicken or onions, so I made the fried rice with bacon and peas.

The only troublesome bit was when I was trying to fold the egg bit around the filling, which turned out to be a two-spatula job.

See, I’ve never actually made an “omelet” before.  I watched some “how-to” videos on youtube, which always showed the chef handling the “folding” part with a deft little flip move.  I was not able to replicate this deft little flip move, and my sole attempt nearly sent the contents of the frypan scattering across the burners.

Anyway, I have clearance to make it again sometime, which is pretty good results for a first attempt at something.

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