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TERA Firma

Even though i spent a surprising amount of time trying out assorted F2P games earlier this year, it’s been a while since an MMO managed to get its hooks into me past the first four or five hours of play. … Continue reading

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Apologies to Anne McCaffrey

One of the last Dreamcast games released in the United States was an adventure game, “Dragonriders of Pern”, based on the popular series of books. It was abysmal. No, really.  I vaguely remember reading the books as a kid and … Continue reading

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I say, this Need For Speed business is a spot of all right.

I have a friend who is a big fan of the racing genre and who has made several attempts, over the years, to hook me as well. He has succeeded only once, thus far, with the absolutely brilliant Flatout: Ultimate … Continue reading

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The Legend of Legendary Legends

I like a little bit of fantasy in my first-person shooter, so I was quite looking forward to Legendary back when the first previews were released, back in 2008.  The idea of breaking open Pandora’s box and accidentally filling with … Continue reading

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Need for Speed Carbon – Steam Grid View Icon

I happened to find a copy of Need for Speed Carbon yesterday, a game that is significant to me only because it happens to have the car I actually drive on a daily basis in it. Well, technically, I have … Continue reading

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I may have finally cracked an organizational problem.

I don’t think much screams “first world problems” quite as much as the horrible problem of not knowing exactly what movies you own and in which formats.  That having been said… I like my AppleTV a lot.  It’s an unassuming … Continue reading

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During my senior year in college, I spent almost an entire month obsessed with Project Diva on the PSP.  I probably put about 40 hours into it before I’d finally beaten every song on hard difficulty with a high enough … Continue reading

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Dear PopCap…

… I recognize that this somewhat falls under the category of personal responsibility and so on and so forth, but if it isn’t too much trouble, would you consider adding a clock to the interface of all your games from … Continue reading

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I May Have A Unicorn Problem

Let’s roll back the clock about a year, to June 19th of last year.  At that time, I’d just finished playing “Peggle Extreme”, a game featuring unicorns, just after an article about Secret of the Magic Crystals, another game featuring … Continue reading

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Today, I Am A Man

I have to say that, because yesterday I was a gibbering ball of jelly. Amnesia has this … reputation.  It’s one of the few games that is generally considered to be genuinely frightening by even the most jaded fan of … Continue reading

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