Need for Speed Carbon – Steam Grid View Icon

I happened to find a copy of Need for Speed Carbon yesterday, a game that is significant to me only because it happens to have the car I actually drive on a daily basis in it.

Well, technically, I have a 2007 Mazda3 hatchback and the one in the game is the 2007 Mazda3 “Mazdaspeed” variant but it’s close enough.

As a bonus, it actually seems like a pretty decent game.  I haven’t played a Need for Speed game since the original, and they seem to have come quite a way since the days of CGA graphics.

Anyway, I couldn’t find a custom icon for Steam’s grid view, so I spent a couple of minutes tracking down a picture and resizing and cropping it appropriately and then I thought I’d put it up here in case someone else happened to have this same very specific need.


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1 Response to Need for Speed Carbon – Steam Grid View Icon

  1. NFSC says:

    And so someone has, thanks bud!


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