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I’m a Squid Now

  In all honestly, it probably wasn’t worth buying a new console for one game and the promise of four or five games to come, but I don’t have buyer’s remorse yet.  Splatoon is as much manic fun as all … Continue reading

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CoD: Mewtwo

I am really bad at playing games in series order. I got introduced to the Call of Duty series with the second installment, enjoyed that enough to buy Modern Warfare within the first week or two of its release – … Continue reading

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Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

Normally I try to come up with clever titles for posts. At first, I considered “The Only Thing That Can Stop A Bad Girl With A Sword Is A Good Girl With A Sword”, but that seemed excessively long. Then … Continue reading

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Hard Reset – No Paperclip Required

Normally I consider a game’s story and setting to be more important than the actual mechanics. Hard Reset proved a very notable exception to this rule, because it does not have a deep story.  It’s more like “Once upon a … Continue reading

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Some Craigslist Weirdness

I can’t decide whether this is funny or really sobering, but it’s definitely one of the stranger things I’ve seen on Craigslist – and that’s a pretty high hurdle to jump over, considering what gets posted on there from time … Continue reading

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Fatal Frame 4 / Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

I am utter crap at playing games in a timely fashion, and also pretty terrible at playing series in order. Case in point: The Fatal Frame / Zero series.  I bought the second game in December of 2004, actually played … Continue reading

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When I got back from China, I set myself a goal of blogging daily for 30 straight days, and today’s post represents me succeeding at that.  This shatters my previous record, which was about three weeks of daily posts. I’ll … Continue reading

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On The Dangers Of Trusting Travel Apps

Part of my prepping for Beijing included installing the offline TripAdvisor application on my HiSense tablet, and it turned out to be both stunningly helpful and fiendishly traitorous. To wit: It was marvelous at looking up hotels and restaurants and … Continue reading

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Fly Me To The Moon, And Let Me Slay Among The Stars

The last Suda51 game I played was Liberation Maiden, a short but terribly enjoyable 3DS game with an absurd premise and a little cheesecake.  It was fun, but it wasn’t really what I expected from something with the Grasshopper Manufacture … Continue reading

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One Final American Fast Food in China Post

This post represents me FINALLY running out of food photos.  I really didn’t eat that many notable things in China, come to think of it.  When I wasn’t experimenting with familiar fast food chains I mostly lived off street vendor … Continue reading

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